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My Digital Registered Letter

Thanks to our partnership with AR24, My Digital Registered Letter is a service that allows you to send eIDAS standard electronic registered mail directly from your XEROX multi-function.

The user site

From your personal My Digital Registered Letter area you will be able to manage your address book, your groups of recipients as well as your letter templates.

The application on your XEROX multi-function device

The My Digital Registered Letter application allows you to send an electronic registered letter directly from your XEROX multi-function. Insert your documents into the document feeder, scan, choose the recipients and the text that will accompany the documents and finally confirm sending.

Click here to try a demo version

Our AR24 partner

{info} You will need an active AR24 account to use our service

AR24 is the first eIDAS qualified e-mail registered service in France. It is also the only service offering universal and remote identification of the recipient to make the ERM accessible to all.

Consult the AR24 website

Electronic Register Mail

The Electronic Registered Mail, or ERM, is the digital substitute for registered postal mail recognized by French law. A 100% digital ERM can be sent from the Internet to an email address.

The electronic registered letter allows you to benefit from various advantages:

  • proof of letter content
  • time savings with a faster, reliable service (no queues to send and instant delivery)
  • lower cost, 2 to 5 times cheaper than a paper registered letter
  • eco-friendly

The eIDAS qualification provides additional guarantees regarding the identification of senders and recipients.